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Population (2011) of Sibton: 182.

Local licensing authority for Sibton is East Suffolk.

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About Sibton

A parish with no real centre of settlement, lying on the junction of two Roman roads. Sibton was recorded in Domesday as "Sib(b)etuna". The village sign shows monks of the Cistercian order, from a monastery founded in the 12th cent. Except for Bury, this was the only foundation in the county to regularly have more than 20 monks at any one time. Among the ruins the lavatory is still visible. Sibton house was built of stone taken from the ruins. The remains of a post mill demolished in about 1922 can still be seen off Pump House Lane.

Interestingly, Pouy Street appears on the 1837 OS map as Little Boys Street.


Some historical information from English Heritage's National Monuments Record.