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Also known as Little Stonham or Stonham Jernagens and recorded in Domesday (together with Earl Stonham) as "Stanham". It appears on John Speed's 1610 map as "Stonham pua".

A five storey tower mill stood on Church Lane from the 19th century until about 1928. Some remains are still visible.


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The 1841 census also lists George Harvey (Beer Seller, Head/41/born Suffolk) [Brewer's Arms?] Near to Ellen Brewery, which spans two properties:

William Pooley (Brewer, Ellen Brewery, Head/30/born Suffolk) and

John Cuthbert (Brewer, Ellen Brewery, Head/46/born Suffolk)

The 1844 White's Directory lists John Hunt Cuthbert as a maltster + corn merchant and brewer and lists Wm. Thomas Pooley as a brewer.

The 1855 White's Directory lists Cuthbert & Sedwick (maltsters + corn merchants) as brewers along with owners John Hunt Cuthbert and John K Sedgwick…


Some historical information from English Heritage's National Monuments Record.