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A rambling village, spread along various roadways and recorded in Domesday as "Huepestede". The pub is towards the west on the B1066 and close to the 15th cent. Doveton Hall, a distinctive listed building. The church is dedicated to St Petronilla, the martyred daughter of a Roman noble. Local legend tells that the church spire collapsed the night Oliver Cromwell died. The Baal Stone, at Stonecross Green, is said to be an ancient sacrificial rock, with channels on it to allow the victims' blood to drain away.

The Lawshall Green Man has sometimes been mentioned as having been in Whepstead, as it was near the boundary.




The 1844 White's Directory also lists 2 beer house keepers John Bowers (shopkeeper) and Simon Wells .

The 1855 White's Directory also lists 4 beer sellers called

John Bowers (& shopkeeper)

Sarah Nunn (& shopkeeper)

George Bumpstead

John Greenwood Black Horse?

In 1861 John Bowers/61y/Beer seller/Lawshall is located on on Melon Green and married to Mary A Bowers/Monks Eleigh.

The 1865 Kelly's Directory also lists a beer retailer called John Greenwood Black Horse?

The 1871 census also lists the following:

George Saml Goldsmith, Mellon Green Beerhouse, Shopkeeper & Beer Seller, Head/Married/27/born W…


(1861 census information from Malcolm Fairley)