Higham (Babergh)



Small pretty settlement close to confluence of river Brett with river Stour (which also forms the county boundary with Essex). Rowley Grove, a local nature reserve is an Ancient Woodland.

Tea Caddy Cottage (see gallery) is an attractive and unusual building on Hadleigh Road. It was built in the early 19th century by the Wedgewood family (probably not the pottery people) as a home for their staff gardener.

Today the village is perhaps best known for Point-To-Point horse races which are organised by various local harrier clubs and usually held between January and April each year.


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The 1844 White's Directory lists George Allen as a maltster (Gamekeepers Arm's) ?

The 1855 White's Directory lists James Branford as a brewer (& shopkeeper) (Gamekeepers Arm's) ?

The 1865 Kelly's Directory lists James Bramford as a brewer (& shopkeeper) (Gamekeeper's Arms) ?

The 1874 White's Directory lists James Branford as beer retailer (Gamekeepers Arm's) ?

The 1888 Kelly's Directory lists Joseph Sealey as a beer retailer (Gamekeeper's Arms) ?