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In the light of the government announcement of March 20th, all pubs are now closed until further notice.

However, a number of pubs are providing takeaway food and/or drinks during the lockdown. Some offer deliveries, while others are selling from the premises. This page lists details of those we know about.

If you can give any of our pubs some support through these difficult times by buying some takeaway food or drink, please do so. Our pubs need as much support as possible if they're going to still be there for us when the crisis is over.

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You can now buy beer from many pubs and breweries via CAMRA's new Brew2You app. Click on the logo to download the app.


A wide green, planted with avenues of trees, forms the main village street which has been by-passed by the A143 since 1995. Palgrave was recorded in Domesday variously as "Paggrava", "Pagrava" and "Palegrava". John Speed's 1610 map shows the village as "Palgraue".

Anna Laetitia Barbauld (1743-1825) nee Aikin (daughter of John Aikin of the Warrington Academy) married Rev. Rochemont Barbauld in 1774 and subsequently taught in the village (1774-87) and corresponded with Elizabeth Montagu, Dr. Johnson, Richardson, Joseph Johnson, Joanna Baillie, Hannah More, and Fanny Burney. She early developed a reputation as a poet and reviewed fiction for the Monthly Review (1809-1815) and edited the British Novelists in 50 volumes (1810). Among her pupils were William Roscoe and William Taylor of Norwich. Her husband committed suicide in 1808.



The 1874 White's Directory also lists William George More as a maltster and brewer.

The 1888 Kelly's Directory also lists John Precious as a beer retailer (& shopkeeper).

The 1891 Census also lists John Precious (Wheelwright & Beer Retailer, Street, Head/Married/59/born Wingfield)

The 1891-92 White's Directory also lists John Precious as a beer retailer (& shopkeeper).

The 1900 Kelly's Directory also lists Walter J. Bullock as a beer retailer (& cooper & shopkeeper).

The 1912 Kelly's Directory also lists William Kemp Tipple as a beer retailer.…