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Population (2011) of Brantham: 2566.

Local licensing authority for Brantham is Babergh.

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About Brantham

The first parish commuters enter when crossing the Stour either by car or on the London to Norwich railway line. The village is spread out along the A137. There are Constable paintings in the church. Cattawade, though usually thought of as a separate village, is actually part of Brantham parish.The Cattawade Crown is often recorded in Brantham.

Many ancient remains have been found in Brantham, indicating that it's been a settlement for a long time. A burial site associated with the Beaker People, as well as Bronze Age artefacts have been found in a gravel pit by Marsh Farm.

Unusually, Brantham retains the same name by which it was recorded in Domesday.

The village sign was presented to the village by Brantham Women's Institute to celebrate their 40th anniversary in November 1990.


Some historical information from English Heritage's National Monuments Record.