St Michael South Elmham


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One of a group of settlements to south of Bungay known collectively as "the Saints", which were recorded in Domesday variously as "Almeham", "Almaham", "Elmeham" and "Halmeham. A large post mill stood in the village from 1799. It stopped working in 1929 and was demolished in 1956.

Also see All Saints and St. Nicholas, St Cross, St James and St. Peter.

A Q Type bombing decoy was built in 1942 in the south (at TM 356 825) of St Michael South Elmham (but designated as Rumburgh) to deflect enemy bombers from RAF Bungay. See Pastscape for more details.

St Michael South Elmham is one of only two "Thankful Villages" in Suffolk; not losing a single man in the Great War. (the other being Culpho). Remarkably, every man from the village who served in WWII also returned.




Some historical information from English Heritage's National Monuments Record.