Brent Eleigh

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Although the government has now allowed pubs to reopen, many are still unable to do so safely, while most if not all are only able to accommodate limited numbers of customers. Many of them are still reliant on providing takeaway food and/or drinks. Some offer deliveries, while others are selling from the premises. This page lists details of those we know about.

If you can give any of our pubs some support through these difficult times by buying some takeaway food or drink, please do so. Our pubs need as much support as possible if they're going to still be there for us when the crisis is over.


A small village that must have suffered a major fire at some time (Brent means burned and it appears on John Speed's 1610 map as "Burnteylie"). The 1837 OS map shows the village as "Brent Illeigh", though the 1856 map has the modern spelling.

Fine wall paintings in the 14th century church were uncovered in 1960.

The Cock has one of the most un-spoiled pub interiors in the region.



The 1855 White's Directory lists a beer house run by Peter Hogger (also listed as a wheelwright).

1861 Census: Thomas Everett, Dealer, not shown as a publican, Beer House, Head/Widower/71/born Mansfield [Cock?]

1861 Census: Eliza Hogger, Wheelwright, not shown as a publican, Beer House, Town Hill, Head/Widow/49/born Shetland. [Possibly to the north end of the village, the census lists it as the next entry to the Parsonage [Rectory ?] and before Hall Farm.]

The 1869 Kelly Directory lists Mrs Eliza Hoggar as a beer retailer & wheelwright.