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In the light of the government announcement of March 20th, all pubs are now closed until further notice.

However, a number of pubs are providing takeaway food and/or drinks during the lockdown. Some offer deliveries, while others are selling from the premises. This page lists details of those we know about.

If you can give any of our pubs some support through these difficult times by buying some takeaway food or drink, please do so. Our pubs need as much support as possible if they're going to still be there for us when the crisis is over.

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Bucklesham is a small village near the tranquil Mill River, recorded in Domesday as "Buclesham" or "Bukelesham". Aside from the pub and the village school, it has few facilities.

When the village sign was re-painted late-2016/early-2017, it was just painted black, rather than reproducing its older, more colourful look.

The hall is situated on a prehistoric settlement and burial site.

In 1900 Captain Earnest George Prettyman was listed as MP and lord of the manors of Tyrrells-Feltwell-cum-Foxhall and principal landowner.

Starfish and Starfish/QL bombing decoy sites were operated in the south-west of the parish (at TM 238 410 and TM 242 415) to deflect enemy bombing from Ipswich and the LNER marshalling yard. See here, and here for more information.



The 1891 Census lists George Flory (Innkeeper, Head/Married/60/born Bucklesham).

The 1891-92 White's Directory lists George Flory as a beer retailer (also listed as a shopkeeper) (Bucklesham Heath) (off-only - see 1904).

The 1900 Kelly's Directory lists George Flory as a beer retailer. (off-only - see 1904).

The 1901 Census lists Susan Flory (Farmer, Heath, not shown as pub or publican, Head/Widow/77/born Trimley)and George Flory (Farmers Son, Heath, not shown as pub or publican, Son/Single/46/born Bucklesham).…


Some historical information from English Heritage's National Monuments Record.