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Although the government has now allowed pubs to reopen, many are still unable to do so safely, while most if not all are only able to accommodate limited numbers of customers. Many of them are still reliant on providing takeaway food and/or drinks. Some offer deliveries, while others are selling from the premises. This page lists details of those we know about.

Update: pubs which are known to have reopened are now also listed. Please let Tony know if you know of pubs not listed that have reopened.

If you can give any of our pubs some support through these difficult times by buying some takeaway food or drink, please do so. Our pubs need as much support as possible if they're going to still be there for us when the crisis is over.


Roland the Farter (known in contemporary records as Roland le Fartere, Roulandus le Fartere or Roland le Petour) was a medieval flatulist who lived in twelfth-century England. He was given Hemingstone manor and 12 hectares of land in return for his services as a jester for King Henry II. Each year he was obliged to perform "Unum saltum et siffletum et unum bumbulum" (one jump, one whistle, and one fart) for the King's court at Christmas.

Hemingstone was recorded in Domesday variously as "Hamingestuna", "Haminghelanda" and "Hamigestuna".

Stonewall farmhouse (see gallery) is understood to be the oldest building in the parish and dates from about 1500.



In 1855 White's Directory Wm. Mayhew is listed as a brewer and Wm. Edwards (shoemaker) is listed as beer house keeper. Brewery Farm (on Low Road, west of Church Road) may have been where the former was located.

In 1861 census in Ash Road William Mayhew/67y/Master brewer emp. 2 men 1 boy/Stutton

In 1865 Kellys Directory George Groom (& sheep dresser) is listed as a beer retailer.

In 1869 Kellys Directory George Groom (& sheep dresser) is listed as a beer retailer.

The Orwell licensing records show Ronald Arthur Matthews (Garage Stores) as holding an off-only license from 1963 to at least 1967.