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Although the government has now allowed pubs to reopen, many are still unable to do so safely, while most if not all are only able to accommodate limited numbers of customers. Many of them are still reliant on providing takeaway food and/or drinks. Some offer deliveries, while others are selling from the premises. This page lists details of those we know about.

If you can give any of our pubs some support through these difficult times by buying some takeaway food or drink, please do so. Our pubs need as much support as possible if they're going to still be there for us when the crisis is over.


Rendlesham was recorded in Domesday variously as "Rendlesham", "Renslesham", "Remlesham", "Renlesham" and "Remlesham.

There is a social club which is licensed.

The story behind our Rendlesham Village Sign.
Raedwald was a 7th century Anglo-Saxon bretwalda (OE Britain ruler). He was a member of the Wuffinga dynasty whose family home was described by the historian, Bede, as a
'Kingly town that is named Rendlesham'.
The large, medieval church of St Gregory's may have been built on the site of the Anglo-Saxon royal church.
The American USAF called their base in Rendlesham, Bentwaters (1951-1993).
The 1944 Grace Spitfire is maintained at Bentwaters and regularly flies over Rendlesham.
The UFO incident in Rendlesham Forest took place in 1980.
Research by Carole Brason, fascinated by our history... June 2012.plaque on the sign's plinth

An Anglian cemetery was found before 1837 at Hoo Hill. It has been postulated that Rendlesham may have been the seat of the East Anglian Royal House, possibly associated with the burial site at Sutton Hoo, but its precise location (and veracity) is unknown.…



Some historical information from English Heritage's National Monuments Record.