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Population (2011) of Assington: 402.

Local licensing authority for Assington is Babergh.

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About Assington

Assington is an unassuming village of mainly brick houses built in 19th century when the community was then a co-operative based upon the socialist theories of Robert Owen. Metal tokens were issued for labour or exchanged for goods in the local shop. The society was dissolved in 1918. Local rumour suggests the former existence of a tunnel between Assington House and Assington Hall, used as a refuge by Catholics during the Tudor period.

A Q and K Type decoy airfield was built in the north-east of the parish (at TL 955 385) in 1940, to deflect enemy bombing from RAF Wattisham. See Pastscape for more info.

Assington was recorded in Domesday as "Asetona". The 1856 OS map shows the village as "Afsington"

The Lion in Leavenheath Honey Tye and Plough in Leavenheath are sometimes listed as being in Assington, as that area was part of this parish up until 1952.


Some historical information from English Heritage's National Monuments Record.