Bacton is a spread-out village based around 7 greens, though most of the housing (and the pub) sits along the main street, which runs between Cotton and Haughley Green. A smaller number of homes and a number of businesses (including the brewery) lie on the main Stowmarket-Rickinghall road.

There are still some pleasant open spaces today despite the rapid expansion which has occurred in recent years.

Bacton was recorded in Domesday as "Bachetuna".

Just to cause confusion, Finningham railway station was actually within Bacton's parish boundary. The station buildings can still be seen to this day, alongside the road bridge over the railway line.

Bacton Hall dates back to the 16th century.




The 1851 Census lists Charles Moyes (Beer, Rowell Lane, [pub?] not named, Head/Married/68/born Old Newton).

The 1861 Census lists Samuel Wright (Brewer, Wyverstone Road, not named, Head/Married/40/born Bacton).

The 1869's Kelly's Directory lists John Francis and Charles Hunt as beer house keepers.

The 1874 White's Directory lists John Cook as a beer house keeper.

The 1888 Kelly's Directory alo lists a beer retailer called and George Howe.

The 1916 Kelly's Directory lists William Everett (Beer retailer, pub not named)

The 1918 Hartismere licensing record lists an un-named beerhouse run by William…