Cratfield is a dispersed parish with a number of 16th century houses around four greens. It was recorded in Domesday as "Cratafelda". The village had a short-lived (1906-1912), freight-only station on the Mid-Suffolk line (Middy). For a while Cratfield was the "end-of-the-line" for this light railway (which was originally planned to go on to Halesworth).

The village is so remote that the locals claim there are eleven roads into the village but only nine out. Entertainer Doc Cox (AKA Ivor Biggun), told Lesley Dolphin that when he gets within a couple of miles of the Poacher, "the lady in my sat-nav starts crying".

One local resident, John Noyles was burnt at the stake in Laxfield in 1557 for his religious beliefs.

Nothing now remains of Cratfield Hall; cropmarks in Hall Field are believed to show its former location.


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