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Ancient pubs are defined as those which are believed to have closed before the middle of the 19th century.

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Population (2011) of Dennington: 578.

Local licensing authority for Dennington is East Suffolk.

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About Dennington

Dennington is a village built on a central square, which was recorded in Domesday as "Dinguietuna" or "Dedingmetona" and appeared on John Speed's 1610 map as "Dinnyngton". The church contains the tomb of William Phillipp, Lord Bardolph (died 1441) who was treasurer to Henry V, chamberlain to Henry VI and a combatant at Agincourt and Harfleur. The former post office dates from 1830 and was one of the oldest in the country.

The small hamlet of Owl's Green is about 2km north of the main settlement.

The remains of a post mill built in 1822 can be seen on the main road towards Badingham. It became redundant in 1918 and was mostly demolished in 1925, though some parts remain.


Some historical information from English Heritage's National Monuments Record.