Elmsett is a compact village set on the upper reaches of Belstead Brook. The village was painted by Gainsborough in 1750 and was recorded in Domesday as "Elmeseta". Bombs killed 10 people and destroyed several houses in 1941.

Hawker Restorations, a company dedicated to restoring WW2 Hawker Hurricanes operates at Elmsett airfield.

The Tithe Memorial, reproachfully facing the church, is a reminder of one of many seizures of goods in the 1930s by Church authorities, often aided by Oswald Mosley's fascist Blackshirts.

To commerate(sic) the tithe seizure at Elmsett Hall of furniture including baby's bed & blankets herd of dairy cows eight corn & seed stacks valued at £1200 for tithe valued at £385


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(** historic newspaper information from Bob Mitchell)