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last updated 30/12/2019

Ipswich Greyhound

also traded as as: Hound

historical closure era: Victorian / Edwardian

closed late 19th century

Upper Brook St

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Known to have existed at least as early as 1637, this was one of only 24 inns recorded on a town assessment of 1689.

[...] probably the oldest Ipswich Inn with which we are acquainted, is mentioned as standing in Brocstrete (Brook Street) in the parish of Saint Margaret, facing the east end of what is familiarly known as the Butter Market, and which was designated, and continued to be so until the present century, by the sign of " The Greyhound." It was always a house of importance, and in its earliest days was of great extent as it included two separate holdings, which appear in the Rental as " Will's Building [undecipherable] pro una parte terre que fait quonda le Greyhound" and " Relic ta RobH Fabr' pro secunda parte terre d'ci le Greyhund." In an assessment of the Town property (1689) it stands at £50, the identical sum at which Lord Hereford was assessed for the manor, park, gardens, &c, of Christ Church. In the Coroners Rolls of the time of Edward III, the name of Nicholas the Taverner is mentioned.C H Evelyn White, 1888 paper for the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and Natural History

Another source has the Greyhound nearer to the junction with Carr Street.

On Whitsun-Monday will be fought a Cock Match Forenoon and Afternoon at Nat. Thurston's at the Grey-hound in Brook-street, Ipswich.Ipswich Journal, April 24th & May 1st 1725***
To be lett, the Hound, a well-accustom'd Inn in St Margaret's Parish, Ipswich, lately in the occupation of Mr William Cooper, deceased.Ipswich Journal, October 16th 1742***

(Most pub, location & historic details collated by Nigel, Tony or Keith - original sources are credited)

(*** historic newspaper information from Bob Mitchell)