Mildenhall Ship

Mildenhall Ship

South East, 52.3403,0.5078

Closed: between 1975 and 1978?

Mill St

grid reference TL 709 743

It's shown here on an old OS map from about the end of the 19th century. interactive map

old OS map

The Ship is also reported as being in Bridge Street.

The pub is shown on OS maps at least as late as 1970, but can't be seen on the 1975 or subsequent sheets.

I was stationed with the USAF at RAF Mildenhall twice (1966-1969 & 1987-1991). I played darts for the Ship's team in 1966. Mrs Williams was the operator and had a little guy named Cyril who worked for her. Cyril knocked her stone wall over once with her car. It just fell over all in one piece and was stood right back up, amazing. She was a great lady. She used to loan us ten shillings each on the nights before payday and we would drink beer and play darts in the room in the back just off the bar, with a coal burning fireplace. Beer was only 2 bob in those days (Steward & Pattison). We would pay her back after pay day. She had a large standard poodle name "Topper". Those were the days my friend. Thank you for doing such a splendid job with this web site. Sorry for taking too much of your time.from Richard K. Rogers
The Ship at Mildenhall definitely closed after 1975. I recall having my last drink in there with my parents. They lived in Mildenhall only leaving in Sept 1980. At a guess I would say The Ship closed no earlier than 1978. If I find a closer date in my diaries I'll let you know.Martin York





Historical interest

Historical interest




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