Darsham Royal Oak

Darsham Royal Oak

North West, 52.28338,1.53579

Closed: pre-1874

Lymeballs Ln or London Rd

grid reference TM 412 709

It can be seen on this old OS map from 1837

old OS map

The Royal Oak appears at this approximate location on the 1837 OS map. It doesn't appear on the 1884 map, so may have closed by then. Having studied licensing records from 1874 through to 1967 and found no sign of it, we conclude this pub must have closed before 1874.

The 1910 Rate book shows Oak Cottage owned by WJ Catchpole but subdivided into about seven dwellings, so it must have been fairly large even given how small some homes would have been then.

Our map location and picture show what we believe to have probably been the Royal Oak, based on the description from a resident of the old pub building who 'phoned into BBC Radio Suffolk.




(Most pub, location & historic details collated by Nigel, Tony or Keith - original sources are credited)