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last updated 25/01/2020

Ipswich Three Conies

also traded as as: Three Cooneys

historical closure era: ancient

opened pre-1689


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One of Ipswich's most ancient inns; this was one of only 24 to appear on a town assessment of 1689. We know from a reference in 1766 (see the historical section) that it was somewhere on the Cornhill; and possibly located close to where the Kings Arms was later built?

C H Evelyn White, in an 1888 paper presented to the Suffolk Institute of Archaeology and Natural History, quoted from the Town Assembly book:

87. — 16. James I. Licence by Sir Gyles Mompesson Knt., Gyles Brugges and James Thurbane asquires, His Majesty's Commissioners for continneinge keepinge or errecting of Innes and Hosteries to Thomas Burrage to keep an inn at his dwelling-house in Ipswich under the sign of " The Three Coonyes " during the lives in survivorship of his wife Elizabeth Burrage, Edmond Greenleafe and John Greenleafe.

(Most pub, location & historic details collated by Nigel, Tony or Keith - original sources are credited)

(*** historic newspaper information from Bob Mitchell)


NOTE: Coneys or Connies is a reference to rabbits.