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Sudbury Coffee House

Sudbury Coffee House

Closed before 1840

Friars st

Sandy Castle**** (from NZ) tells us that they have the will of Robert Hubbard dated 25th Oct 1791 which states he was a Victualler of Sudbury in the county of Suffolk. He must have known he was very sick as he died a few short weeks later (on 18th November 1791 aged 43 years). He also named and bequeathed to his wife and six children.

Robert Hubbard was Sandy Castle's 4x great grandfather and was mentioned in the Ipswich Journal**** on 9th June 1787 as follows:

To be sold by auction by William Oliver On Saturday 23rd June 1787 between the hours of Four and Six o,clock in the afternoon at Mr Robert Hubbard,s at the Coffee House in Sudbury...It then goes on to record the contents and description of the farm to be sold.
To be sold by auction, at Sudbury, to brewers and others…



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(** information from Stuart Ansell)

(*** historic newspaper information from Bob Mitchell)

(**** historical information from Sandy Castle)