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last updated 30/12/2019

Ipswich Blue Pig

historical closure era: Victorian / Edwardian

opened before 1866

closed before 1871?

Fore St

Overview | Historical info

Keeping Beer-House open in prohibited hours. Alfred Sage of the Blue Pig, Fore Street, was charged with the above offence. Evidence was given by the police to the effect that about midnight on Sunday night they heard a great row in the Blue Pig, and people where drinking and tossing.Defendant denied the charge, and called a witness who proved that there was a small party of men and women, friends of the defendant, that no beer was drawn, that only tea was drunk, that no tossing took place, and that they were orderly. The Magistrates believing this statement dismissed the case.Ipswich Journal, July 26th 1866
An application was made by Messrs. Maynard, Merton and Co. to renew the license of the Blue Pig which had been closed for some time following irregularities committed by the tenant at that time. There were objections to the renewal based on the previous experiences with how the establishment had been conducted. It was described as having been conducted in a most disorderly manner subjecting its neighbours to witness acts contrary to morality. The license was renewed.Ipswich Journal, October 1870**

The pub was owned by the Times Brewery and the following court case, which appeared in the Ipswich Journal of Wednesday May 13th 1870, describes a dispute between the brewery and the landlady:

Frederick G Vincent, brewer, Ipswich, v, - Sage, publican, Ipswich. - This was an action to recover £21 3s 6d, balance of account. The defendant paid into Court £5 11s 8d, and pleaded a set-off of £16 3s 2d. Mr Rouse appeared for the plaintiff; Mr J M Pollard for the defendant. The plaintiff was formerly in business as a brewer, at the Times Brewery, St Clement's. The defendant occupied the Blue Pig, beerhouse, Fore Street, St Clement's, a house belonging to the plaintiff. It appeared, from the plaintiff's statement, that the terms on which the defendant occupied the house were that Mr Vincent should supply the beer at the retail price to Sage, should pay all the rent, rates and taxes, and pay the defendant 10s a week wages. Mr Vincent, in February last, put off his business, and the money due from Sage was £21 2s 6d. Mr Rouse, in reply to his honour, said the defendant's set-off was for licences, coals, Christmas-boxes, etc., during three years. But plaintiff, when he took the business in June 1867, told Mrs Sage he should not pay for the licence, and that if she wished to stop she must pay for it herself. Mr Vincent said he did not allow her for the licence or for the coals. In answer to Mr Pollard he said he allowed for the coals in the case of a new house, the Morning Star. Mr Hillyard gave corroborative evidence, adding that though he called on Mrs Sage and received the money every week she never asked for the money for the license or for the money paid for coals. When Mr Chaplin had the brewery Mrs Sage managed the house for him, and was allowed license and coals, and she then always deducted from the amount she paid the week after licensing day. She also deducted the money she paid for coals. She first made the claim included in the set-off when Mr Vincent had put off the brewery. This was the plaintiff's case. Mrs Sage stated that she was told she was to remain on the same terms as she had been under with Mr Chaplin and Mr Dawson, by whom the license and coals were allowed. She did not agree before the licensing day in 1867 to pay the license herself. Mr Pollard contended that it was altogether unreasonable that Mrs Sage should agree to pay for the license because she made no profit from the beer she sold, and only received 10s a week as wages. His Honour gave judgment for the plaintiff for £20 10s, the £5 11s 8d paid into Court to be deducted. The money was ordered to be paid £2 a month.

(Most pub, location & historic details collated by Nigel, Tony or Keith - original sources are credited)

(** historic newspaper information from Stuart Ansell)