Important Covid information

If all goes according to plan, the first tranche of pubs (those that are able to serve drinkers outdoors) may be able to reopen on April 12th. Though of course, in a situation like this, nothing is guaranteed. The rest of our pubs may be permitted to reopen from May 17th.

Pubs providing takeaways continue to be listed on this page.

Those known to be planning to reopen as soon as permitted are listed on this page.

Ipswich Market Cross Tavern

Ipswich Market Cross Tavern

Closed before 1840


Whereas Mr John Matthews having fitted up the Market Cross Tavern in Ipswich for the Sale of his Wines, neat and in tire (by Mr Thomas Crawley, the present tenant) This gives notice that Mr Crawley, now buying Wines from London, the said Mr Matthew cannot warrant his Wines to be Sold neat any longer at the said Tavern, nor hath he supplied him with any since the beginning of March last, nor will sell anymore to the said House 'till Midsummer next, when Mr Martin Cobbald of the Queen's Head Inn in Woodbridge takes possession of the said Tavern where to will be built very large new Stables, with other Accommodations for the Entertainment of Gentlemen and Travellers.Ipswich Journal, April 9th & 16th 1726***
Thomas Crawley Removed from the Cross Tavern on the Corn-Hill in Ipswich to the Bunch o…



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