Felixstowe Tramway hotel

Felixstowe Tramway hotel


Closed: between 1840 and 1920

To the overseers of the poor of the parish of Felixstowe, and to the superintendent of the police: I, George Tomline, now residing at Orwell Park, Nacton, and Waterloo Place, Middlesex, do hereby give notice of my intention to apply at the next licensing meeting for a license for the sale of Spirits, wine, beer, porter, cider, perry, and other intoxicating liquors, to be drunk or consumed upon a house about to be erected and constructed on a piece of ground situated at Felixstowe, and intended to called the Tramway Hotel, and which I intend to keep as an Inn, Alehouse, or Victualling House. Ipswich Journal, July 1875**

We have found no evidence so far that this venue was ever built. If you know more please let us know.