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The first tranche of pubs (those able to serve outdoors) have now reopened. The rest of our pubs will be permitted to reopen from May 17th.

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Walton Railway hotel

Walton Railway hotel

Closed between 1920 and 1970

In 1867, Colonel (George) Tomline (1813-89) purchased 6,000 acres of coastal land from the Duke of Hamilton on which he soon started to build roads and houses. He also began a campaign to build a railway from Ipswich to Felixstowe and was soon chairman of the Felixstowe Railway and Pier Company. This resulted in a new branch line and many new developments in Waton and Felixstowe. This hotel was one of several applications made by Tomline during the early phase of his ambitious plans for the new town developments, that also included the Station hotel and Pier hotel. However in the 1883 White's Directory the Railway hotel is still not listed and we do not know if it was ever built? If you know more please let us know.


Historical interest

Historical interest

(** historic newspaper information from Stuart Ansell)