Suffolk Pub History Group


This is a small, friendly group that gets together once a month to discuss and learn about the history of pubs in Suffolk. Sometimes we'll have a guest speaker with specialist knowledge, other times it will be more ad-hoc. On other occasions we'll have a guided walk round somewhere looking at the old pub buildings.

Many people have information on Suffolk pubs and by bringing it together and sharing photos, licensee names and even stories, we hope to be able to catalogue it and make it available for generations to come.

If you have interesting stories about pubs or if you have information to share, you're more than welcome. Or if you just want to hear about old pubs, come along anyway.

So far, we have managed to identify nearly 2500 former Suffolk pubs (over 500 in Ipswich alone) with accurate or reasonably close locations for about 2100 of them. There are certainly a lot more pubs we haven't managed to identify, but just identifying pubs is only one part of the project, we want to make available as much information about their history as possible.

Dates currently scheduled are:

  • tba

All the resulting information will be looked after by the local CAMRA team and will be available on this website.

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