Grimwood, George

Street, Haughley

George Grimwood seems to have been a Maltster and beer brewer in Haughley for most of his life (about 60 years). According to census returns (see below) he had started malting some time before 1841 and lived at Malting House for several years. Later he lived in Old Street and the Street (possibly same site?) and was retailing his beer from these premises. He probably ceased trading sometime before 1900.

Extracts from census


George Grimwood/25y/Maltster/Suffolk

Susannah Grimwood/25y/Suffolk

1851 - Malting House Sorrells?

George Grimwood/Head/39y/Master maltster & beer house keeper/Dogworth,Suffolk,

Susanna Grenwood/Wife/38y/Newton,Suffolk

Eliza Rice/Niece/4y/Elmswell,Suffolk

1861 - Sorrells?

George Grimwood/Head/49y/Malster & Beer Seller/Newton,Suffolk

Susannah Grimwood/Wife/49y/Newton,Suffolk

Eliza Rice/Niece/14y/Elmswell,Suffolk

1871 - Old Street

George Grimwood/Head/58y/Brewer & Beer Seller/Old Newton,Suffolk

Susannah Grimwood/Wife/59y/Old Newton,Suffolk

Eliza Rice/Niece/24y/Elmswell,Suffolk

1881 - Old Street

George Grimwood/Head/68y/Brewer & Beerseller/Dagworth,Suffolk

Susannah Grimwood/Wife/68y/Old Newton,Suffolk

Eliza Rice/Niece/34y/Elmswell,Suffolk

1891 - Street

George Grimwood/Head/78y/Brewer & Retailer of Beer/Dagworth,SFK

Susannah Grimwood/Wife/79y/Old Newton,SFK

Eliza Rice/Niece/44y/Dressmaker/Elmswell,SFK

1901 - cottage

George Greenwood/Head/widow/88y/retired beer retailer/Dagworth,Suffolk

Eliza Rice/Niece/54y/Elmswell,Suffolk