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St. Peter's

Extra services available here during the Covid-19 lockdown:

Beer is available via the brewery's online shop. Delivery is free on orders over £75; use discount code DELIVERY75 at the checkout.

St. Peter's

St. Peter's Hall, St Peter South Elmham NR25 1NQ

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(01986) 782322

(01986) 782322

owner John Murphy

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St. Peter's was launched in 1996 by marketing expert John Murphy. He then employed Richard Eyton Jones to install the brewery in derelict outbuildings and to help restore the run-down farmhouse into the brewery tap. Since those early days the capacity has grown considerably. The brewery concentrates in the main on bottled beers (80% of capacity) but has a rapidly increasing cask market.

Since about 2002 Mark Slater has been Head Brewer at St. Peter's Brewery. Recent developments include an in-house rotating bottling line and an increase in brewing capacity from 100 barrels a week to 175. Two pubs are owned and 75 are supplied.

People with Coeliac Disease may wish to try their bottled "G-Free", which is gluten-free.

Core cask ales

  • Best Bitter (3.7%)
  • Citrus (4.7%)
  • Cream stout (6.5%)
  • Gatekeeper Golden Ale (4.0%)
  • IPA (5.5%)
  • Organic Best (4.1%)
  • Plum Porter (4.6%)
  • Ruby Red (4.3%)