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Nedging is part of Nedging with Naughton parish.

Population (2011) of Nedging with Naughton parish: 404.

Local licensing authority for Nedging is Babergh.

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About Nedging

A dry parish, recorded in Domesday as "Niedinga". According to our information there has been no public house located in this parish since 1840 (or earlier), though we have spotted one building which looks like it might have been a pub. Please let us know if you know different.

The old village school is said to have been the smallest one ever built in Suffolk, measuring only thirty by seventeen feet!

The stream which used to power the watermill (see gallery) is now little more than a trickle.

A Q Type bombing decoy was in use in Nedging (at TM 007 476) in 1942 to deflect enemy night-time bombing from RAF Wattisham. See Pastscape for more information.


Some historical information from English Heritage's National Monuments Record.