Church St, Framlingham

Castle brewery was adjacent to the Castle pub.

In 1844 White's Directory James Burton Grant is listed at the Castle Brewery

A report in the Ipswich Journal** on 20 Sep in 1844 states that :

The Casyle Brewery & Dwelling House at Framlingham to be sold at The Crown & Anchor Inn on 20 Feb 1845, on behalf of John WHITMORE, an insolvent debtor

A report in the Ipswich Journal** on 27 May in 1854 states that :

To be let, "Castle Brewery" Framlingham, apply to Mr Thomas WHITMORE, Capel St Andrew, Woodbridge.

In 1865 John Pipe is listed as an ale brewer at the Castle brewery

A report in the Ipswich Journal in Jul 1865 states :

Mr E Pipe of the Castle Brewery, Framlingham, begs to inform his friends and customers that he is now prepared to supply them with genuine Home Brewed Ales and London Stout, in any quantities convenient for their use. Burton and Pale Ales direct from the Burton Breweries, at wholesale prices. Burton, Scotch, and Pale Ales, London and Guinness’s Stout in pint and quart bottles.

The 1881 Census lists John T Page as brewer at Castle Brewery, Head/Married/29/born London, Middlesex.

George Smith went to work on Saturday at the Castle Street Brewery at 6am, he discovered smoke in the yard, he immediately called his master, Mr T J Page, who went at once to the mashing room, which was seen to be on fire. The floor was completely burnt out near the door; the mash tun was partially burnt. The outbreak was promptly extinguished. Ipswich Journal, May 1895**

Castle brewery finally closed in 1903.

(** historic newspaper information from Bob Mitchell)