Great Waldingfield



Great Waldingfield was recorded in Domesday (along with Little Waldingfield) as "Walingafella" or "Waldingefelda". It appears on John Speed's 1610 map as "Waldingfeild mag".

In late medieval times the village had a reputation for clothing manufacture. One 16th century rector, John Hopkins, was one of two men who first set the psalms to music. Today most of the housing is modern.

Garrison Lane marks the location where Cromwell's troops were billeted during the Siege of Colchester in 1648.


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Thomas Sarjeant, keeper of a beerhouse in Gt Waldingfield, in a penalty of £3 for permitting drunkenness in his house and a further penalty for suffering beer to be drunk in his house before 4 in the morning."Bury & Norwich Post, July 1831**(** report reproduced with kind permission from Foxearth & District Local History Society)

The 1844 White's Directory lists Mary Mayhew as a beer house keeper.

The 1879 Kelly's directory lists John Bird and Thomas Day as beer retailers…